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Reset Service

Sending a KeyGuard into us to be reset - Note- This Reset Service is only Available in the USA.  We can not return any KeyGuards sent to us from other countries.

If you are still locked out of your KeyGuard you will need to send your KeyGuard to our headquarters to be reset. We provide a service (see step 2 below) whereby our machine will detect the code your KeyGuard is set at and revert it to the factory default. Please perform each step in this list before sending the KeyGuard to us for resetting.

  1. Cost for shipping and handling at our end is $8
  2. Send your KeyGuard, $8 check, return address and e-mail address to:        
    FJM Security Products
    Attn: KeyGuard Support
    18424 HWY 99
    Lynnwood WA 98037
    Note!! write clear and neat! Some we have not been able to return because we could not read the address. :-(
    Locks sent without a check will be discarded.

  3. We normally have your KeyGuard reset and shipping back your direction within 24 hours.  With our resetting machine we discover the current combination the lock box is set at and write down on a tag the combination you had the shackle set at prior to resetting it to 0000 (many times this old combination is helpful to know in helping you figure what happened when setting or forgetting the combination).

You do not need to ship the KeyGuard back in its original packaging.
No special padding is required (the KeyGuard wont break in transit).
US Postal Service is normally sufficient and less expensive unless you want to track the shipment.

NOTE: If you include your business card with your email address on it our shipping department will automatically notify you with a tracking number via email when your KeyGuard ships back to you by USPS.

PLEASE DO NOT CALL asking the status on your lockbox.  Instead, provide your email address for us to notify you once we ship it out.  The KeyGuards are never here more than one business day and shipping one way can take up to 5 business days (5 days for East Coast) depending where you live.




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